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Imagine A Billboard That Billions Of People See Every Day. That’s The Magic Of Facebook Ads


Bisplex Can Help You Find Customers
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As certified Facebook Marketing Partners, we’re here to help businesses get the most bang for the buck from advertising on the platform


Scroll-stopping creative and copy:

Text, photo, video, carousel. No matter the format. We create ads that steal user’s attention


Unparalleled targeting:

With Facebook’s cutting edge targeting technology, we make you engaging, converting ad campaigns


Painstaking performance monitoring:

There’s always room for improvement. We seize every opportunity to enhance campaign performance


Provident bid optimization:

With our superb bid optimization, we help you make money leagues more than your ad spend

We create Facebook Ads campaigns that get results right from the start

That’s the beauty of advertising on Facebook. It’s cheap. It’s accurate. It’s highly trackable. But like any other advertising channel, it has its own mumbo jumbo. No need to worry though. We got you covered.

Reign Over Your Niche On Facebook And Expand To
Other Social Channels With Bisplex

Our digital advertising experts are at the ready to make your business flourish by winning campaigns, no matter the platform.


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Here’s What You Probably Don’t Know About Advertising On Facebook:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform globally with over 2.6 billion users. This mind-blowing number means the platform has access to a gigantic pool of invaluable user data. Therefore, it’s a perfect place to market a brand to almost any demographic. Facebook’s bleeding-edge targeting, auction, and tracking systems alongside its superb flexibility give you tons of options to run affordable and converting campaigns that generate revenue quickly.

Sure you can. But do you have full knowledge of the annoyingly complex Facebook Ads Manager? To run a successful FB ad campaign, you’ll need sufficient knowledge of audience identification, bid optimization, copywriting and creative design, tracking tool implementation, landing page design, and so much more. Learning all these skills requires a ridiculous amount of time and energy and you still might end up spending tons of money on unsuccessful campaigns in the first few tries. As an expert digital advertising agency, we’ve mastered them all so you don’t have to.

It depends on which stage you want to approach customers. With Facebook Ads, you’ll entice viewers to buy a product or try a service when they’re not necessarily checking their feed with the intention of buying. On the other hand, Google Ads works best when you want to be the first thing a customer sees when searching to buy a product.