The Pros And Cons of Using Affiliate Marketing

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The word affiliate marketing most probably sounds familiar to your ears by now, considering most brands now use this initiative to promote their products or services. Affiliate marketing basically refers to a work relationship in which a merchant allows an affiliate to take actions in creating leads, sales, or other desirable results in return for a commission. If you have an offering that you want better exposure for, you might be considering using this marketing tool. In this article, we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of making use of affiliate marketing.


1. Wider reach

There are no rules restricting you from working with multiple affiliates. As a matter of fact, you can work with as many affiliate networks as you want, and you have nothing to lose as you will be paying them on the basis of the results they produce.

2. Minimal investment

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is the lack of need for a huge initial investment. You can get started by paying a small fee to an affiliate network or company to gain access to a large number of readily available affiliates to work with.

3. Cost-effective payment models

There are several ways for you to pay for your affiliate marketing. You can opt for paying per click, per lead, or per sale, for instance. By choosing to only pay when a purchase takes place, you get to make the most out of your money. However, your choice should depend on your objectives.

4. Customer retainment

Affiliates will guide potential customers your way, meaning that you have a chance to retain them. Once a loyal customer is formed, they will return to you for more purchases directly and remove the need to pay the affiliate again.


1. Wider reach

If you work with multiple affiliates, it might become difficult to effectively analyze which ones are creating the best results and which ones are not performing as well as you would like. It is also hard to predict the outcomes of affiliate marketing as not only do affiliates usually work with multiple merchants too, but they are also prone to making mistakes in terms of demographic details.

2. Material production

You might need to provide the materials needed for affiliate marketing efforts. This can be time-consuming, and maybe even costly, but is something you would need to do regardless of whether or not you undertake affiliate marketing, unless you do not plan to do any kind of marketing for your business. Furthermore, the affiliate you work with may be willing to take care of it all on its own, so this is hardly a big problem. Bear in mind, however, that it is best if you are in control of what your brand or business is represented with.

3. Reputation risk

When giving an affiliate the right to promote you, you must do your research on their activities and reputation as an advertiser. Your brand is at risk if the affiliate demonstrates inappropriate or punishable behavior. You do not want to be associated with spam or false advertising, so while working with an affiliate network reduces these risks with the guidelines they set in place, it is in your interest that you do your homework too.

4. Fraud potential

Fraudulent practices have happened in affiliate marketing before, emphasizing the need for research even more. It is necessary to seek assurance when doing affiliate business to avoid having to deal with the use of bots, information, and cookies in unethical ways. It is definitely recommended to use trustworthy sources or companies, like Bisplex.

Overcoming Challenges

In order to remove the obstacles mentioned above, it is always best to create partnerships with reliable affiliate marketing companies. Fraud can cost you thousands of dollars, and while affiliate networks may provide tools to help you identify and prevent it, the safest road is to work with entirely trustworthy professionals.

For example, we at Bisplex offer you peace of mind in terms of more than just fraud. You can rest assured that the promotion materials we use in our advertising is suitable and relevant and the initiatives we take will help you meet your objectives; be it traffic, lead, or sales. Apart from that, we track and analyze all aspects of the campaigns, so you do not have to. For further enquiries, get in touch with us now.

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