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The Company

Babies are adorable. Parenting? Not always. As a company run by parents frustrated by the constant screaming of their newborns, Frida totally gets the people it caters to, and it tries to alleviate their pain. It all started when a Swedish doctor invented a portable aspirator that was life-saving for parents who struggled to provide relief for their stuffed-up babies. Today, Frida has a diverse catalog of innovative maternity and parenting products that makes the life of both parents and babies easier.

Frida approached Bisplex to assist them in boosting their website’s organic traffic and improving their search rankings in related keywords. The client also wanted their performance data from employed tools like Google Analytics completely organized. The company was looking for long-term SEO growth and it was crucial for them to have correct and useful data for future strategizing and performance monitoring.

A Major Clean-Up

The client’s list of demands was crystal clear: Generate more organic traffic, drive leads and conversions, and tidy up our analytics data. We began by doing a thorough SEO audit on Frida’s website and researching their niche to help us develop a preliminary list of tasks to be done and improvements to be made. We took a deep look at:

Another challenge for Bisplex was carrying out the process on a very tight schedule. There wasn’t much time left to launch when the client approached us to handle their SEO migration. This meant we had to closely collaborate with Laminam’s design and marketing team to develop a migration strategy and execute it in a very timely manner.

First Things First

Enhancing The Website

We first had to carry out every necessary improvement and modification on Frida’s website to make sure it’s completely optimized for search engines. This included tweaks to the user interface design and reshaping the overall flow of the website. Frida’s products fall into two main categories: Frida Baby and Frida Mom. It was crucial to make it easy for visitors to find what they were looking for to minimize bounce rate and drive more conversion.

Improving The User Experience

Previously, the client’s online storefront lacked proper categorization of products. Many users struggled to find the product that would solve their problems or discover new products that could assist them in parenthood. To remedy this, we tweaked the navigation menu and optimized categorization to make it more understandable.

Adjusting The Tone

In addition to tweaking the design, we collaborated with Frida’s team to write convincing, informative, and interesting copies and descriptions. The combination of the two would capture visitors’ attention and turn them into customers.

Getting Quality Backlinks

Off-page optimization was the next step. We went through all the prior link-building efforts and removed spammy or irrelevant backlinks. To boost Frida’s online visibility and authority, we expanded their backlink network with more credible sources and updated previous high-quality backlinks to make sure we don’t lose any opportunity.

The Extra Mile

Frida’s core audience brought about a perfect opportunity to boost their website’s organic traffic and grow revenue. The company’s customers consisted of moms and dads dealing with the hardships of parenthood. Parents are always trying to provide the best for their beloved little ones, and Frida’s innovative products could become a great help to them. By focusing on this aspect, we would’ve been able to make Frida a go-to source for parents looking for products, remedies, and solutions to take care of their babies better.

To make good use of this opportunity, we used two methods:

Change Of Tone:

By using a more honest, casual, and humorous tone throughout the website, we made a lasting impression on prospects and resonated with them

Helpful Content:

By publishing engaging, informative content and targeting highly searched key phrases, we boosted brand authority and organic traffic

Our team of expert copywriters created a rich editorial calendar and regularly published original, SEO-friendly content on Frida’s blog. In order to maximize the positive impact of this blog on Frida’s website, we’d reach out to credible sources to get high-quality backlinks

The Result

Our focused SEO strategy helped Frida to become a very well-known brand in its niche. The optimization efforts on the website greatly enhanced the user experience, resulting in a 56% decrease in bounce rate and a 51% increase in pages per visit.

The combination of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO we carried out for the client helped them achieve record-breaking annual revenue. Organic traffic saw an incredible spike, with a 109% increase. Thanks to the efforts we made to keep visitors on the website and nurture them into buyers, conversion rates were up by 46%, making this project one of our biggest successes to date.


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