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The Company

Laminam is an Italian ceramic surface manufacturer based in Fiorano Modenese. The company specializes in producing highly thin ceramic slabs inspired by nature and using the most cutting-edge technologies available. Their award-winning designs have embellished hundreds of thousands of houses, complexes, and public venues since 2001.

The company deemed their old website incapable of showcasing the true beauty and elegance of what they have to offer. However, the website had been active for a long time, housed thousands of pages, and possessed a considerably high search equity. Laminam had spent a great deal of time and money on developing a new website and now needed assistance with a clean, SEO-friendly migration. They brought Bisplex onboard to help with this matter.

The Challenge

Laminam were heavily counting on their new website to be a stepping stone toward business growth. Therefore, it was extremely important for the client to carry out a smooth, lossless shift. Apart from design and technical performance, a major point of concern in this process was maintaining their old website’s organic search equity and high keyword ranks. The challenge was migrating almost 5000 pages without losing all the valuable SEO equity the previous website had accumulated.

Another challenge for Bisplex was carrying out the process on a very tight schedule. There wasn’t much time left to launch when the client approached us to handle their SEO migration. This meant we had to closely collaborate with Laminam’s design and marketing team to develop a migration strategy and execute it in a very timely manner.

The Analysis

Preparing a full-on migration in such a short amount of time required careful planning and execution. We worked closely with the Laminam team to map out a strategic roadmap that broke down the necessary tasks in detail. It was crucial to balance the workload, so we divided the tasks into “Pre-launch” and “Post-launch” categories. This would’ve helped us to identify and carry out the tasks that were vital for the new website’s successful launch and leave the ones with lesser priority for later.

The aforementioned roadmap included:

The Result

We’re proud to say our thoughtful strategy for Laminam’s SEO migration worked exquisitely. We managed to redirect all the high-value URLs to the new website and perform other vital tasks in time. As the result, Laminam’s brand new website experienced a very successful launch, with a 38% increase in organic traffic.

Thanks to our extensive efforts to maintain organic equity and previous high keyword ranks, the new website performed even better than the old one in terms of online visibility.


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