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A gift could have many meanings. Whether it’s gratitude, love, friendship, or simply fondness, it always brings smiles to faces. Regardless of how much it’s worth, there’s always a level of passion behind any gift. That passion is the true meaning of the gift and what makes it feel so good and personal. But gifts don’t have to be passed on between two individuals to feel this way. For instance, a company could thank its employees with a thoughtful gift. It just needs to have that delicate touch of sincerity. This way, it gives off that same personal feeling while boosting morale and productivity. That’s what Wellbox is focused on.

Sending A Powerful Message Through A Powerful Medium

Wellbox is all about helping businesses reward employees in the least corporate way possible. The British company provides carefully picked care packages in different variations. Since there’s no “Chief Gifting Officer” in any company, preparing appropriate presents could become a hassle for employers caring enough to thank their team with thoughtful gifts. Wellbox eases the process and eliminates the guesswork.

Wellbox approached us to find the perfect methods for boosting their sales and increasing brand awareness. According to the client’s list of demands, the method we suggest had to be:

The client was focused on finding domestic customers. They struggled to generate conversions with their online storefront and tasked Bisplex with finding the optimal way to fix these issues.

Facebook Ads Did The Trick

Wellbox was active in a very specific niche. Their product catalog, although very unique and innovative, was relatively unknown and wasn’t much sought-after. Nevertheless, the nature of their business could bring about a great opportunity to make companies interested in them via powerful storytelling.

The business started off as a passion project, and at the time of our collaboration, it still had a strong personal touch. Wellbox provided multiple hamper options, the content of which was handpicked. Each package had a theme, and customers had the option to include a personalized message and logo in them. It didn’t end there. For each package sold, Wellbox would have donated to a local homeless shelter or a mental health charity.

All of these points were excellent to shape a winning advertising campaign. We pitched the idea of a launching a Facebook Ads campaign with the following features:

We believed Facebook was the ideal channel to meet the client’s demands. Thanks to its extremely powerful targeting system and our constant bid optimization, we were able to spread the name of Wellbox among companies in the UK with minimal costs.

The Result

The Facebook Ads campaign worked wonderfully for our client’s business and we managed to check all the boxes. Website traffic was up by 49%, resulting in a whopping 61% boost in sales. We were able to keep the campaign costs low and achieved an amazing $5.3 ROAS. Thanks to this significant uplift in revenue, Wellbox expanded its business and now provides its unique services to other countries as well.


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